Analyzing the Magic Flood Slot Machine

You would be in the same boat as us if, upon hearing the title “Magic Flood,” you immediately pictured a slot game centered on a natural disaster of some kind. We actually came up with a game concept that included raging waves, floating icons, and supernatural abilities. When we started playing this Octavian Gaming product, though, we didn’t get that. Players will not see any water- or magic-themed symbols, but just standard slot machine images. And it looks like it’s happening in somebody’s back pocket of their jeans! When did we learn this? A denim-like cloth serves as a backdrop behind the reels. The fact that each spin of the reels is accompanied by a different jazz tune just adds to the mystery. Nothing inside goes together, but maybe the bells and whistles will make up for it.

Not a lot of magic there.

As we’ve mentioned, the game offers a very standard layout overall. As a result, the structure consists of a grid with five reels and three rows. This is standard fare, and so are the symbols used to represent it. Cherries, a lemon, an orange, and a plum initially emerge on the reels, and they all look like they belong there. A watermelon, a bunch of grapes, and a pair of 7s (one blue, one green) join them. These are the game’s primary visual elements. There was, then, apparently neither magic nor a flood.

The developer also included a total of 10 pay lines alongside the reels, rows, and symbols. The situation cannot be altered in any way at this time. That’s why you’ll constantly be placing bets across 10 lines. However, you can change the amount you wager on each spin. You can do this by using the plus and minus buttons located at the screen’s bottom. There, you’ll find a betting slider with settings between £0.01 and £2 per line. You can make a total bet of up to £20 per round in this manner. The ‘Autoplay’ option has also been included for your ease of use.

Where is all this flooding happening?

It’s hard to believe that a game with no obvious connection to its name has any interesting extras to offer. In any case, read on to learn more about these. A red seven icon is included, as you can see. This is the source of the game’s highest-paying sprite. You can win up to £1,000 if you get five of them to appear on an active pay line. In this stage of the game, flooding also becomes an issue. This one may expand to fill the whole play area. Numerous 7s! And we might be inclined to say that this is a truly miraculous ingredient!

However, this isn’t the only unique aspect of the game. The reels can display an additional icon. This is represented by the gold star, which serves as the game’s scatter icon. These symbols have a special bonus in addition to paying out wherever they land on the reels. If you land one on reel one and another on reel five, the ‘Rise Up’ feature will be triggered. This causes all scatter symbols and any other symbols selected at random to become the highest paying symbols. The bonus round guarantees you a win every time!

The Last Word

This game may not have much to do with what it’s called, but it’s still fun to play. Although classic slot machines aren’t as common as video slots, the combination of the two can be exciting for players. Many elements of this game, such as the jazz soundtrack and the denim background, don’t appear to mesh very well, but on the whole, it’s a good addition to the developer’s repertoire and will likely be played frequently at new slot sites around the web.

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